COE warranty

Hino is renowned for its legendary reputation for outstanding quality, durability and reliability. That’s why business owners all over North America are turning to Hino for their transportation needs. You can trust Hino to deliver peace of mind under its Total Support philosophy that includes Hino Premium Protection.

Now, Hino’s industry-leading vehicle protection plan just got better. 2014 and newer Hino models come standard with Hino Premium Protection, Hino’s comprehensive vehicle service and warranty package at no additional charge.*

* See your Hino Dealer for details


The Hino Preventive Care plan consists of the following items to protect your investment and enhance the longevity of your truck:

  • 1 year scheduled maintenance, up to 50,000 kilometer
  • Complimentary engine oil changes and chassis lubrication services for years 2 and 3, up to 150,000 kilometers; (Engine Oil, Transmission Fluid*, Differential Fluid and Chassis Lubrication)

* Applies to cab over engine models only


HINOWATCH Roadside Assistance provides peace of mind driving since our customers know that assistance is only a toll-free phone call away. For the first 3 years of ownership, HINOWATCH protects your Hino truck with 24-hour roadside assistance at no extra charge. HINOWATCHcovers the following: lockout service, out of fuel/DEF, battery jump-start and towing on warrantable repairs (up to a maximum of $1,000 per tow).


Protecting your investment, Hino provides quality products backed by a comprehensive warranty!

Hino’s durable 5.1 litre J05E engine is covered by a 5-year / 280,000 km warranty.

Any remaining balance of Hino’s warranty is fully transferable to the new owner if you sell your vehicle, adding to its resale value.


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